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A Publication of Roxbury Community College • Vol. 2 No 1 • October/ November 199 5^^^ ^t V 

RCC Is Continued in Accreditation 
until the year two thousand and five 

The Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. 
(NEASC) recently informed the College regarding the Commission's decision on our accreditation status. The 
Commission's official letter states "that Roxbury Community College be continued in accreditation" and "that 
the next comprehensive evaluation be scheduled for Spring, 2005". In Spring, 1997, the College is required to submit 
a report "demonstrating its continued progress in establishing and retaining an experienced and effective administra- 
tive staff and ensuring its financial stability." 

"The Commission gives the following reasons for its action. 

Continuation of Roxbury Community College's accreditation is based upon the Commission's finding that its standards 
are being substantially met by the College. We commend the institution of the articulate, forceful and far-sighted 
leadership of its president. We take favorable note of her efforts to unify the several constituencies of Roxbury Com- 
munity College and record with favor the support and cooperation she and her administration have received from 
members of the Board of Trustees and faculty. We wish to recognize the College for having made substantial progress 
toward achieving financial stability and take particular note that despite several years of budget deficits in the past, the 
institution ended FY'95 with a balanced budget. The Commission was pleased to note the encouraging signs and 
significant achievements which suggest that the College has in recent years been able to focus on its mission, bring its 
constituencies to consensus and common effort, and put in place the systems which will permit the College to concen- 
trate on its central tasks." 

This ten year period of reaccreditation is the maximum that any institution among approximately 200 institutions in the 
New England region can receive. This is an unequivocal expression of the Commission's confidence in the institution's 
viability and potential for success. In addition, our self-study process was highly praised by the Commission and 
viewed as a process worthy of sharing with other institutions. Co-chair of the Steering Committee Tianping Wang was 
invited by the Commission to make a presentation to 37 participants representing 19 institutions at its annual Self-study 
Workshop. At the Workshop, our self-study documents received many favorable comments. 

This momentous achievement under the leadership of President Brown is attributable to the hard work, astute contri- 
butions, and dedication of the faculty, staff and students who participated in the process. It is important to note that in 
spite of several issues troubling the College during the process, all constituencies were able to put differences aside to 
make this exemplary achievement possible. 

In the reports to October Trustee Meeting, President Brown and Vice President Rose extended a special note of 
recognition and appreciation to the faculty, staff and students for your contribution to the success. 


Crossing • October/November 1995 




What Would You Do? 

What would you say 
If I told you I wanted to die today? 
Would you tell me you don't care 
Or would you say to pray? 

What would you do to 

make me hold on. 

Could you make me believe things 

aren't really that bad? 

Would you turn your back on me 

Or would you help me out 

of my misery? 

What would you do if 

I told you I had enough 

And today I'll be checking out \ 

Would you try to make me stay 

Or tell me "toady is as good a 


So, what would you do? 

I know I would help you 

I would tell you life may be bad 

But, hang on and believe in God. 

Michelle Nanton 

Fall'95 Convocation 

On October 12, the College held 
its Fall'95 Convocation both for 
day and DCE. President Brown 
addressed the audience. "We have 
many challenges ahead. We must 
continue to have faith and tolerance 
toward each other." "We can get to 
where we want to be and should be 
from where we are now." Vice 
President Rose thanked the planning 
committee for providing such an 
opportunity for the entire College to 
come together to express "our 
unified commitment to excellence". 

Representatives JoAnn Mulready- 
Shick from faculty , Gillian Van 
Delft from students, Annette 
Douglin from 
dential staff, 
Elizabeth Leon 
from profes- 
sional staff 

Stephen Griffin from administration 
welcome the students into the RCC 
family and encouraged everybody to 
participate in the College's activities. 
The key note speaker Ms. Terrie 
Williams urge all students to pursue 
your own dreams and "not to allow 
any excuse to stop you from what- 
ever you set out for yourself to do." 
Her personal experience is forcefully 
conveyed in the format of powerful 
and practical advice to students: 

• Stay in the race 

• Look for inspiration from 
somebody you respect 

• Do what you say 
you will do 

• Treat everybody with 
courtesy and respect 

• Pay attention to details 

• Thank people when 
it is due 

• The best of us must take 
care of all of us 

• Use ourselves as light for 
others to climb up 

2 Crossing • October/November 1 995 


Many of RCC students enjoyed the 
ceremony. Sherwin Brown said: "I 
was actually glad that I was afforded 
the opportunity to meet and greet 
members oi the faculty and to hear 
the words of Dr. Brown. I was also 
pleased and fascinated by the words 
of guest speaker Terrie Williams 
who really captivated and motivated 
me. If there were any doubts I had 
about my succeeding in college and 
beyond, she (Ms. Williams) at the 
very least alleviated some of those 
doubts and at very best completely 
irradiated them. All in all, I felt the 
entire ceremony served its purpose 
to introduce new students to the 
faculty and to motivate through 
inspirational words." Other stu- 
dents expressed their appreciation 
for this opportunity to be con- 
nected. Lisa Furey said: "I came 
away from the ceremony feeling 
more personally connected with 
Roxbury Community College." 

The College will continue its 
commitment to provide meaningful 
activities such as convocation to 
inspire our students both for their 
study at RCC and for their life in the 
years to come. Indeed, convocation 
will become an annual event at RCC. 

News from BBS Campus ' 

We are proud to announce that 
Janice Chandler, a legal secretaria 
major, was warded a $ 1 ,000 
scholarship from the Law Firm 
Personnel Managers' Association 
Congratulations to Janice! 

Carmel Fitzgerald, a 1995 Executive 
Secretarial graduate, is working in 
the Engineering Department of 

Loreta Rufo, 1995 Legal Secretarial 
graduate, is working in the District 
Attorney's Office at Somerville 
District Court as legal secretary. 

Tonya Bullock, 1995 Accounting 
graduate, is working as an account- 
ing Assistant for the Dream Machine 

Joy Atkinso, 1995 Excessive Secre- 
tarial graduate, is working at the 
Advantage Funding Group as an 
Administrative Assistant responsible 
for Automotive Financing. 

Our program 
with the City of 
Boston Local 
285 has once 
again proven 
Eighty city 
employees registered this fall in 
various courses. Most popular 
course this semester was Microsoft 
Word 6.0 and Desktop Publishing. 

Star Market held an Employment 
Open House at the BBS Campus 
on September 18. The New Star 
Market will be open in November 
on Commonwealth Avenue. 
We hope the College and the New 
Star Market can work together to 
benefit our students and the com- 
munities we serve. 

3 Crossing • October/November 1995 





As an official collegia! governance 
body, the Acuerdo met every month 
in the past academic year. Active 
participation of representative of 
all constituencies made a great 
difference in improving the opera- 
tion of the Acuerdo. Encouraged 
by the progress in the past year, the 
Acuerdo members are determined 
to do a better job this year by 
providing more information for the 
President and her administration to 
make quality institutional decisions. 
The primary goal of the Acuerdo 
this year is to improve the communi- 
cation across the board. 
The Acuerdo members wish to 
thank the President who attended 
every single meeting since last May. 
We encourage more people to 
participate in the Acuerdo activities. 
In our subsequent meetings, the 
Acuerdo members will start to 
review the mission and procedures 
of the Acuerdo. We welcome your 

In order for your representatives to 
be effective and successful, your 
support, participation and under- 
standing are essential. We urge you 
to participate in your assembly's 
activities and forward your opinions, 
comments and questions to your 
representatives. The following 
people are the representatives for 
each assembly: 

Annette Douglin 
(Confidential/Classified @ 5304) 

Stephen Griffin 
(Administration @5330) 

Elizabeth Leon 
(Professional @ 5330) 

Isabel Martineau 
(Faculty @5122) 

JoAnn Mulready-Shick 

(Faculty @5148) 

Gillian Van Delft 

(Student @5004) 

lianping Wang 
(Secretary @ 5361) 

Ann Marie Wedgeworch 
(Student @5004) 

The Acuerdo meeting schedules 
for the rest of the academic year is at 
2:00 p.m. in the Board Room on the 
following days: 















4 Crossing • October/November 199 c 5 


d . 


Fall 1995 Student Enrollment 
has been released by the Office 
of Institutional Research & Effec- 

The following is the summary. 

1995 Graduates 























A sample of communities from 
which our students are drawn are 
listed below: 







Back Bay 






Jamaica Plain 












Hyde Park 



A preliminary study on the 1995 
graduates has been completed by 
the Office of Institutional Research 
& Effectiveness. 

The following is the summary: 

Asian Female 


Black Female 


Hispanic Female 

White Female 










The Office of Institutional Research 
& Effectiveness is committed to 
providing the college community 
with useful and accurate data. We 
welcome your comments and 
suggestions in order to improve 
our data reporting system. 

Please contact 

Jtanping Wang at 541-5361. 










News from Nursing 

The National Council for Licensure 
of Registered Nurses has informed 
the College that our 1995 NCLEX- 
RN pass rate is 89.47%, which is 
higher than the national average 
pass rate of 86.2%. This is the 
first time since the inception of the 
nursing program at RCC that we 
have a pass rate exceeding 80% for 
two consecutive years. 

This accomplishment is due to the 
extraordinary collective efforts of a 
committed and exceedingly dedi- 
cated faculty and staff. For the past 
year and a half, the Nursing Depart- 
ment has been arduously working on 
curriculum revision and evaluation 
to ensure that our graduates will be 

Congratulations to the 
Nursing Department! 

5 Crossing- • October/November 1995 




Scholarship and 
Professional Development 

Address the Psycho- 
Social Needs of Children 
in Armed Conflict 

Since 1989, Professor Tesfay 
Aradom in the Social 
Sciences Department, in 
collaboration with Dr. 
Peter Wolf from the 
Children's Hospital, 
' has been conducting 
studies on the impact of 
the armed conflict on 
children in Eritrea, 
East Africa. The study 
made a 

series of recommendations 
which were strongly 
supported by the Eritrean 
Government and a few 
other world organizations. 
. \The implementation of 
these recommendations 
have resulted in significant improve- 
ment in the behaviors of the chil- 
dren. Consequently, both Dr. 
Aradom and Dr. Wolf were invited 
to share their experience at a week 
long training workshop organized 
by the Harvard Human Security 
Program between May 5-7, 1995. 
The documents from this workshop 
have now been adopted by the 
United Nations. The UN has 
recommended the implementation 
of the document in other parts of 
the world such as Cambodia, Bosnia 
and The Sudan where children are 
suffering from armed conflicts. 
According to Professor Aradom, 

the research also has implications 
for addressing violence within the 
United States. 

Professor Aradom, congratulations 
to your success and thank you 
for representing RCC in the 
world arena. 

For those who are interested in 
the document or have further 
questions regarding the research, 
please contact Professor Aradom 
at 541-5154. 

Teaching of English 

In July, educators at all levels of 
English language arts instruction 
and research gathered at new York 
University for the NCTE (National 
Council of Teachers of English) 
International Conference and the 
Sixth International Conference on 
the Teaching of English. Conference 
participants are from Australia, 
Canada, new Zealand, South Africa, 
the United Kingdom and the United 
States. They gathered together to 
explore in depth the issues related 
to the Teaching of English. 
Five RCC faculty members had the 
opportunity to attend this confer- 
ence. Professor Nancy Teel is one 
of the presenters at the conference. 
The theme of her presentation is 
"Dancing on the Bridge between 
Image and Text" on visual thinking. 
Facing the challenge of the new 
technology, teachers and researchers 
alike are thinking and exploring for 
improvement in classroom teaching 

of the English language. The theme 
of the conference is therefore called: 
"Restructuring Language and 
Learning for the 21st Century: 
Connecting with Our Classroom". 
We are very pleased and proud that 
RCC is part of the leading force in 
this exciting academic journey. 
Congratulations and thanks to 
Professor Nancy Teel. 

Questions and comments regarding 
this conference can be directed to 
Professor Nancy Teel at 541-5177. 

World Education 

David Rosen, Director of the Adult 
Literacy Resource Institute, was on 
leave from the College in February 
and March, 1995, as a consultant to 
the Department of Education, 
Culture and Sports in Manila. As 
a World Education consultant, he 
provided technical assistance to 
establish an expanded national adult 
literacy system for the Philippines. 

6 Crossing- • October/November 199^ 

s continued. 


Kenneth Tangvik from English 
Department has once again volun- 
teered to serve as the faculty liaison 
to the Multi-Cultural Middle 
College High School program. His 
effort and work in the past year has 
improved the communication 
between the two groups. This year, 
he is pursuing a doctorate. We wish 
him the very best and want to thank 
him for his generous contribution of 
his time for the quality of the 
program on the campus. 

New Appointment 

The RCC family extends our warm 
welcome and best wishes to: 

Samuel Boadu 

Research Associate, 

Office of Institutional Research 

& Effectiveness 

Kelly Pitts-Burke 

Nursing Department Instructor 

Raymond Turner 

Acting Division Chair of Math 

& Science 

Jianping Wang 

Director of Institutional Research 

& Effectiveness 

RCC Day Care Center 

The RCC Day Care Center will be 
under a new vendor, The Academy 
of Learning, Discovery and Achieve- 
ment (ALDA), effective Saturday, 
November 11, 1995. ALDA will 
focus on enhancing diversity in their 
curriculum and classroom instruc- 
tion. Director Ellen Nyepon has 
attended classes at RCC in Early 
Childhood Education and has her 
degree in human development with 
a focus on infants to grade three 
from Wheelock College. The 
Assistant Director Sharon Flectcher 
has her associate degree from RCC 
and is a member of the Advisory 
Committee of Madison Park High 
School. Both Ms. Nyepon and Ms. 
Fletcher are Director Two qualified 
for infants and preschool children 
and have a combined work experi- 
ence of thirty-two years in day care 
center management. 

ALDA gives the first priority to 
place the children of the RCC 
students. The rest of the available 
slots will be filled on a first come 
and first served basis. 

Please stop by the Day Care Center 
or call Nadine Dowling at 541-5450 
for more information. 

Ivanildo De Araujo 

ESL Faculty member Veronica 
Gouvea is coordinating the installa- 
tion of a bench in Ivanildo's 
memory, a former RCC faculty 
member. Your contribution can be 
sent to the RCC Foundation with a 
notation such as in Ivanildo's 
Memory. Ivanildo's sister Ivaneide 
sent warmest regards to all of 
Ivanildo's friends here at RCC. She 
and the rest of her family are all 
deeply touched by our effort to keep 
Ivanildo's memory alive. Many 
thanks to those of you who have 
made a contribution. 

y Crvss./n<f • October/November 1995 

from RCC Students 

Mr. Salah Mahdi Abood Al-Amiry is an English major student at RCC. 
He is currently enrolled in English Composition I Class. One of his extra- 
curriculum hobbies is writing. He is interested in both essay and poetry 

Upham's Corner 


At the intersection of Columbia 
Road and Dudley Street 
Where Anna is standing 
Like a brave soldier 

Where I watch the travelling trains, 
departing for New York, DC, 
and Georgia 
Oh, Georgia! 

All the kindness you have given 
All the pain you have hidden 
From your generous Georgian coast 
I can almost hear]ames Brown, 
down on his knees, weeping Georgia 
Georgia.... Georgia, the echo replies 
Georgia, for God's sake, 
release some of your secrets 
Why does the sparrow sing 
despite the cage? 
Why does the sunflower bloom? 
Why does the sun rise? 
Why is the butterfly always more 
beautiful than I imagine? 
And why is the Autumn sad? so the 
Winter, for its sorrow and rain, 
Which inspire your dreamy streets, 

Why, why, and why I 
Georgia. . . . Georgia 
Oh! Southern pearl, do you hear my 
voice? Georgia, I beg you to listen 
Georgia.. . Georgia 
Peace and harmony, into the heart 
Georgia.. . Georgia 

Georgia, you are with me here in my 
heart, for I am here at Upham's 


At the intersection of Columbia Road 

and Dudley Street 

Where Anna is standing 

Like a brave soldier 

Wow! to immigrant for the whispers, 

the whistles of train which bleed his 



The honesty is a honesty for itself, 

not for any advantage 

Nor for the attraction of the others 

I can sing, dance, definitely I cry, 

I am crying, perhaps, 

my tears are prayer 


The exiled streets are my home, 

the exiled streets are a nation! 

Oh! God, death is more merciful, 

than a living in exile away from Iraq 

The bullies never scare me 

I can spit in the face of the dictator 


I can see people shinning like bright 

stars, oh, God! they are really stars 

But, not on the covers of the 

magazines, nor in the movies, 

still they are stars 

I write it a poem from Upham.s 


For Iraq I shall die, 

my death is a birth 

The freedom's sun must rise over you, 

Iraq, despite the darkness 

Peace be upon you, Iraq 

Peace be upon you, Baghdad 

And peace be upon you, Bayyaa 

(my dearest hometown) 

Production Staff 

Editor: Jianping Wang 
Design: Stanley Roberts 
Suki Choe 

All contributions are from the editor 
unless specified. We thank you for 
your information. We welcome your 
comments and submissions. 
All submissions must be received 
by the 10th day of the month to be 
included in that month's issue. 

8 Ceos-sing • October/November 1995 


To: The Roxbury Community College Community 
From: Stanley Roberts and Suki Choe 
Re: 1995-1996 Academic Calendar, month of December 
Date: 11 .21:95 

We apologize for the inaccurate dates contained in the 
month of December of the RCC Academic Calendar. 
In the future we assure you improved production, 
accuracy and quality. 

Thank you for your understanding. 
Stanley Roberts [ Suki Choe 

oidki fo&